You can see the top engaged people (people who posted, commented or reacted) on your interface (Members metrics).

To get the full list of people, you can export the list of members in Members metrics > Members list. Then, you can remove people with a score of 0 to get the number of people who generate any engagement.

Active Members : members that have posted, commented, reacted on a post or viewed a post within the period
Engaged Members : members that have posted, commented or reacted on a post within the period
Spectators : people who only view posts (do not comment, post and react)

At the moment, we do not have access to the connection data, so we cannot determine if these people connect to the community.

To know this answer, you must export the list of members in Members metrics > List of members in Excel format. In Excel, you will have a "claimed_date" column, if no date is available, the account has not been claimed.

An "influencer" member is someone who generates the most interactions from other members.

The Wall of Fame includes top people from all categories: Top Engaged, Top Influencers, Top Commenters etc. If a user is selected in different categories, his picture can appear several times in the Wall of Fame. When you generate the link of the complete Wall of Fame, it then reflects top users for each category (each member can appear only once per category).

If you want to see people profile picture only once and for one category, you can try the mosaic from the Members Statistics.

Just go to Members metrics> Members list and click on the "..." in the "Actions" column on the wanted members, then click on "Display the member insights".

Click on Analyse (on the top menu) > Groups list > select the group you want > Members metrics > Members list > export in Excel file

Members Engagement score is dealing with how people are engaging with the content of the community, in a group or a segment.

A Member Engagement score = 2*number of posts + number of comments + number of reactions made by the member with the period.

We give more weight to posts because the action of posting is more engaging than just reacting to post.

The top engagers are people who are likely to post more than others. They also engage with the existing content by commenting or reacting.


Former members are members who have been deactivated on the community.

In groups, they are the members who left the group. You can get the date they left in exports and in the list hover the status.

We do not provide this data.

It is the date of when the account was created on the community (or joined a group)