To add new data to create your Axes & Segments, in Manage Attributes it is necessary to link your Azure Active Directory with Grytics.

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Two possibilities:

  • Your axis and segments are already created: click on Axes and Segments in the top menu, then click on the name of your axis in blue. You will be redirected to the Segments List of your axis, click on the name of the segment in blue to enter it and have access to its statistics.
  • You have just created your Axis and Segments: after the creation of your Axis and its segments, if you are still on the creation page, click on the top right on "view segments statistics" then on the Segments List, click on the name of the segment in blue to enter it and view its statistics.


A custom segment allows you to customize the data you want to appear in your segment: for example, a specific group, a specific type of Workplace members, the choice is yours.
For example, you want to create a segment with only members of the Marketing department of your Corporate group on Workplace. Select the group then the Marketing department.

Generate segments allows you to automatically generate all segments of a dimension.
For example, you want to create all segments of the Locations dimension. You'll see all the places saved by your members on their Workplace profiles.

Be careful that the profiles of your members are correctly completed.

To create a single report, you will first have to create a new segment in Axes and segments > Add a custom segment > Select groups by tag. Then, once the segment has been created, in Reporting, in "scope" you will have to select the segment that you have just created.

Custom data is data that is not available through Workplace member profiles (department, location, organization, etc.). You must ask the Customer Success Manager to make this change, by sending him an Excel file containing the new data to add or update.

Or if you use Azure Active Directory to manage the data, you can link your account to Grytics to create new segments from it.