To create a single report, you will first have to create a new segment in Axes and segments > Add a custom segment > Select groups by tag. Then, once the segment has been created, in Reporting, in "scope" you will have to select the segment that you have just created.

You must ask the Customer Success Manager to make this change, by sending him an Excel file containing the new data to be added.

All the statistics available on the tool are available for one segment (except the list of former / new members).

Segments are a customized set of data that you created within our tool. It is based on groups and members.

  • For example, you can create an axis called "countries" and the segments within are France, UK, USA, Germany, Brazil, etc. Within the segment France, you will found all the members with the location France on their profile.
  • You can also create a segment based on "Project" groups which will gather all the content from this type of groups.
  • Both dimensions can be combined (ie you can create a segment "Project - France" with all the groups "Project" with members located in France.

If you wish to create segments based on personalized data (that we cannot have on the profile of the Community), you can import this data. Please contact your Customer Success Manager.

All the content gathered from your community is analysed through the sentiment analysis scope. You can switch between statistics and sentiment mode anytime when you view you segment, your group,...